Classic & Ultra thin
Classic & Ultra thin

Lovbyte offers you the Best Condom in Malaysia with multiple selections of classic regular condoms in our store. All our products were pleasantly lubricated and comfortable to use. For those who are less adventurous type you can just pick the regular ones for a classic night with your loved ones.

Ultrathin Condom also one of the best condom in Malaysia has also been one of the top selection for Asian users. It is known for its feature that could make you feel so close as if you are not wearing one. Ultrathin special condom could bring you to the maximum closest contact and arouse your sexual desire better than any normal condoms. Provides you with greater sensitivity and friction during sex while ensuring that you are also well protected from STDs and any unwanted pregnancy.

Lovbyte collection of ultrathin special condom are all made of latex material with the thickness in between 0.04-0.06mm +/- Ultrathin latex condoms are more durable and flexible compared to a polyurethane condom. Make sure to put on your condom correctly and that there’s enough lubricant along the way to minimize your risk of breakage.

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