Colour & Taste
Colour & Taste

Flavoured condoms are latex condoms coated with tasty edible lubricant to improve the smell and taste of sex. Not only it is ideal for oral sex, all our selected flavoured condoms are also safe to use for intercourse.
Lovbyte Condom Online Malaysia colour and taste condom comes in a super wide range of fruity flavours and is very colourful. Some has additional ribbed texture to heighten your pleasure.

Check out all the Flavours that we have in our Condom Online Malaysia Store!

Strawberry, Tutti-Frutti, Watermelon ( Red-Pink ) Grapes, Blueberries ( Purple, Blue) Banana ( Yellow ), Orange, Cola and Chocolate ( Brown), Mint ( Green ) and even Durian Flavour ( Orange ) and BLACK KINKY CONDOMS!

Not only that, Lovbyte Condom Online Malaysia has the Limited Brazil World Cup Caipirinha Cocktail Flavour Condom that comes in 2 colours. Check them out and remember to Lick them! (Green + Yellow) They do taste like the real thing. 

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